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BC Collisions has earned the confidence from leading vehicle manufacturers like Honda, Acura, Toyota, Nissan, FCA  (Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram) and Kia Canada to become one of the few Certified Repair shops the lower mainland.  We use the same principals for every make and model vehicle we repair.  Our state of the art Car-O-Liner collision repair equipment, high quality Sikkens refinishing system, and highly trained team of professionals will achieve a safe, certified, quality repair every time.  We guarantee it!

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You've got better things to do! — The old days of driving from shop to shop for an estimate are over.  Take advantage of our Concierge Service and "click in" to get your insurance or private estimate, online, today.  In most cases, we can book your repair with only a few simple clicks.  By using our handy estimate tool from your smartphone or tablet, just enter some basic information about yourself, some claim information (if applicable), and snap a few easy pictures. We'll take care of the rest.  We'll touch base with you once your estimate is complete and if you like what you see, we'll begin the repair planning process.

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We'll save you a trip

You're busy?  Let us take care of it.  On average it will take a hour and a half for you to drive to a shop, sign in or out, and drive home.  Let us take the time to pick your car up from your home or office.  During the course of repair, you will be informed by online updates.  You will have access to your own online portal, where you can access important documents, pictures, and expected delivery dates.  When we're nearing the end of repair, we will contact you to make arrangements to deliver your cleaned and sanitized vehicle back to your home or office.  We have modern replacement cars available.  Or, if you prefer, and have the coverage, we will be happy to arrange a rental vehicle with one of our preferred rental partners.  

Of course, if you still prefer to drop your car off yourself, then by all means, were here for you.


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We're friends with them all

We have a strong relationship with all the leading insurance companies in BC and throughout Canada.  

Our Favorite Insurance partners include:

ICBC Repair Network

Intact - Rely Network

Belair Direct - Rely Network

Economical Insurance

Northbridge insurance

BCAA Insurance

Stratford Insurance Underwriters

We can also work with all leading out of province insurers like:


State Farm


CAA Insurance

RSA Insurance

It is important that the shop you choose to repair your vehicle has a relationship with your insurance company.  This will help make the claims and repair process much easier and will ultimately lead to repairs that are backed by the shop and the insurance company. 

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For everyone's safety

Nothing is more important than the health of our communities, Province, and Country.  That's why every vehicle we repair is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized twice.  Once before repairs are started, and again before it's delivered back to our customer.  We only use cleaning methods prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer to keep your upholstery safe and clean.  This service is included in all our private and insurance estimates. 
We are also offering complete vehicle sensitization as a stand alone service for a very affordable price.
This service is free for our beloved front line workers with proof of occupation.
For more information, please contact us anytime.


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